Video Content

We create video content that demands attention and engages the online audience.
Video is the most effective tool for telling your brand message. With our expertise, not only At Little Rascal we craft video with strategy and audience insight in mind to create truly effective and eye-catching content that’ll stop thumbs scrolling.
Filming the Sprint King


The modern audience is a mobile one. Demand their attention and boost your online presence across social and web with impactful content that converts. With our knowledge of social media ecommerce tools it is now easier than ever to turn likes into sales. Thanks to ever-faster video streaming on the go today’s audience expect brands to communicate with them via premium video content. We help you to keep up with both tech's evolving capabilities and your audience’s expectations.

Motion Marketing

From our Motion Marketing initiative we’ve demonstrated how prioritising video can be the most cost effective approach to reaching your audience. Motion Marketing will allow you to maximise video content to provide a library of extra assets such as stills, GIFs and video teasers for online, print and social in a cost and time effective manner.

Marco Polo VFX


In-house from start to finish. We work with our own team of award-winning script writers and filmmakers for consistent messaging and stunning visual results. From motion graphics to editing and grading, our in-house post production studio will provide the finishing touches to ensure your film is optimised for all digital platforms.